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A variety of casino games are available for wagering on WinBDT, a credit-based mobile gaming app and website. 

This online betting platform offers a just and honest system for agent commissions. WinBDT can assist you in finding an agent. The Super Master Agent (SMA) and the Master Agent are the two different categories of agents (MA). Below are descriptions of the Super Master Agent's features and specifications.

WinBDT is a popular online gaming platform in Bangladesh that offers sports betting. On a number of platforms, we provide a large range of sports and betting choices. In Bangladesh, WinBDT is recognized as a market leader. Presently, the website has hundreds of SMA registered users, and that number keeps rising daily. WinBDT offers a thorough selection of uncertainty on cricket, football, tennis, and a number of other sports on the internet platform.

WinBDT SMA or Super Master Agent

SMA is this site's top agent. Both Agent ID and Player ID can be created by Super Master Agents as downlines (SMA). The SMA downstream agent must be acknowledged as a Master Agent (MA). In order to become a Super Master Agent, you must first purchase BDT 8,000.00 in credit as a beginning package in WinBDT. 

The agent representing Super Master Agents (SMAdownline) will be known as Master Agent and have the ability to produce both Agent ID and Player ID (MA). SMA will always buy fresh credit from the company directly and, in some cases, will be allowed to sell credit back to WinBDT directly.

SMA will always pay the company 56% less than market price for WinBDT credits. 

If necessary, SMA will have the option of restoring credits to WinBDT. The Super Master Agent's sale of credit back to WinBDT may alter the calculations utilized for current or forthcoming Ad-Hoc campaigns.

The only acknowledged individual in charge of disbursing money to his own downline members is SMA. During withdrawal, he will use BDT 100.00 in credit from his player. 

Super Master Agents that are dedicated to their work are continually recognized and given bonuses by WinBDT. This brand-new pay plan is open to all WinBDT Super Master Agents. A monthly dividend of up to 25% is also paid on the entire net deposit for the month.

Deposit and Withdrawal Procedures

Deposits and withdrawals are quick and easy with WINBDT. Simply contact us to open an account, send the necessary amounts, and you will shortly have a deposit. WINBDT processes withdrawals rather promptly. If the deposit is not quickly held, you will receive a refund. For a refund, send a screenshot as proof. All transactions are quickly completed. 

You will always receive assistance for any needs if you open your ID through one of the customer service agents. If you open your ID through one of the customer service agents, you will receive a first deposit incentive. 


WinBDT is a reputed and top-notch online bookmaker. Start your journey right quickly and cheaply with WinBDT. Money is just as safe when you wager on WinBDT as it is when you make a fixed deposit. To get the awesome features and a lot more, open a WinBDT account right away.

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